• Arrive to your appointment with clean eyes, free of makeup.
  • ​Avoid oil based eye products prior to appointment.
  • ​Avoid using water-proof mascara for 72 hours prior to your lash appointment.
  • Recommend showering and/or washing your hair the evening before or the morning of your lash appointment as you're not able to saturate your lash line with water for up to 12 hours after your lash appointment.
  • Do not drink caffeine prior to your lash appointment as it makes your eyelids jittery and prevents you from relaxing during your appointment.

    After Care

  • Do not get your eyelashes wet for the first 48 hours after an application. Stay away from any steam such as: spas, saunas, pools etc.
  • Avoid pulling or rubbing your eyes as this can cause damage to your natural lashes.
  • Do not go spray tanning or bed tanning for 24 hours after application.
  • Do not use eyelash curlers.
  • ONLY use oil-free makeup remover and oil-free eye products (e.g mascaras). Oil-based products can break down the adhesive.
  • Avoid chemical peels and highly acidic substance, such as alpha-hydroxyl and betahydroxybutyric.
  • Proper hygiene is very important. Keep the lashes clean by washing daily and brushing with a dry mascara wand.